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Petaltone Summer Solstice Newsletter 2016

Petaltone Summer Solstice Newsletter 2016

As we approach the peak of the Solar year, the Summer Solstice, the energies are building up and here at Latitude 50.9 degrees North the daylight hours extend from 5am until 10pm so this means maximum activity for most of Nature.
We make essences at this time of year, and also like to release new essence sets too, as this is a great time for fresh energies!

This year we have just released:

Petaltone Essences Enhanced with Natural Organic Oils (contains small quantities of pure oils, mostly organic, + the amazing Petaltone vibrational energies)

Crystal Clear + Frankincense - Aura/Space Clearing evaporate or spray
Crystal Clear + Lavender - Aura/Space Clearing evaporate or spray
EMF Protection + Rose For protection from electro-smog
Safe Space + Vanilla Place a few drops by the feet for strong protective shielding
Z14 + Lavender Etheric cleansing place a few drops on floor or on a crystal
Ankh + Arnica ( Super Yang!) Boost your Yang energies
Spirit of Abundance + Arnica for resonating with the abundance around us
Beauty + Patchouli for feeling beautiful about yourself
Temple Flame + Frankincense for protective aura space
Creative + Peppermint for enhancing the creative energies

these available in 15ml only at £9.99 each + p+p

We also have 3 amazing new essences from Thailand

Petaltone Spirit Path Essences   - from Thailand

Spirit Path 1 (Thai Yellow) -up’s the vibration of your Astral body including the Lower Astral
Connects Heaven and Earth, brings energies from the most refined levels of high frequency vibrations,  into the Astral Body, gently but powerfully. This helps to calm and heal and bring into alignment, replacing negative and harmful energies.

Spirit Path 2 (Thai Orange)  Transformation Essence
Transformation of harmful energies, especially at the physical level.
Grounding bringing the energies down into the earthly vehicle, calming and steadying
Works in the Fire element and transforms negativity, Mentally stimulating also.

Spirit Path 3 (Thai Plumeria)  Astral Spirit Path / Psychic Gateway

Psychic Gateway essence, helps with aligning the energies at the Gateway at back of the neck, can be useful for those wishing to Astral Travel or who have issues with this. Also may help those whose Astral layers are not quite aligned with the physical.
Connections with people are enhanced.

Spirit Path essences available in all sizes 10.15 or 30mls £6.45, £8.99, £12.95

Please note UK postal ordering will be closed from June 30th to July 10th

Other news: Bottles 10ml are now in Blue and 30ml will be in Blue soon, 15ml still in green for now. This is all due to bottle supply availability.
Solstice Greetings to all our friends and customers !!

'Energy Flows Where Attention Goes'

Friday, 12 September 2014

Petaltone alcohol-free option available now

We are offering a glycerin in place of alcohol option and this is available on request on all essences (except Leaf 1, Leaf 2' Leaf 1A' Z14)
please specify this when you order by sending a separate email or by adding a message in the 'message to merchant' section when you check out and pay

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Petaltone Newsletter Spring Equinox 2014

Petaltone Newsletter Spring Equinox 2014

Equinox greetings! 

New Essences from Hawaii -

Mamaki : powerful energy balancing you can really feel this finding it’s way to the blocks in your energy! 
Works on Etheric and Spiritual Levels, Subconscious and Bone Memory (deeply seated body memories)
(This is also a special plant in Hawaiian traditional medicine, uses include a herbal infusion used as a tonic)

HG Tree 7 : a smooth soothing esoteric essence working in element Fire, on Etheric, Astral and Spiritual and the colour yellow. Very uplifting.

Alcohol-free  Crystal Clear and Clear 2 Light now available 
using Citricidal grapefruit seed extract concentrate as preservative these alcohol free essences contain only Chalice Well water and small quantity of Citricidal. 
We use alcohol because it acts as a preservative and it also assists evaporation. However, we realise that not everyone wants to have alcohol so we are developing alternatives. each essence has to be individually tested to see whether it is compatible with the citrus energy, so far these ones have been tested and work well.

Your ideas: Petaltone development, new essences??
we would like to hear your views and ideas for new developments in essences, workshops and training. We have covered some very major useful areas, we were the first to offer essences for space clearing, aura clearing and aura protection, we have also focused on specialist sets for everyday issues, such as creativity, prosperity and weight loss. We would like to ask you if there are things you would like to have essences to help with in these changing times, and if there are any courses you would like to have available?
Your feedback is much appreciated.

You Tube
Updated Petaltone Essence application how to do it video on You Tube

Petaltone Experience Day Workshop Somerset UK
3rd may 10.30am - 5pm full details on website

Essences for Treating Depression 
Try using the following treatment :  Fire Tone (throat chakra) Crystal Clear (throat chakra) and White Light (heart chakra) twice daily.
It is not easy to treat depression but these essences are worth trying, working on the deeper subtle energy levels does often lead to helpful energy shifts.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Petaltone blog is for sharing experiences and information on the aura, the subtle energy fields that surround our body and our environment. Petaltone Essences offer solutions to some of the issues that arise once we become sensitized to energy fields. This issues include vulnerability to unwanted intrusion, protection, empathy, how to be sensitive but not a sponge, to name a few.
An increasing number of people worldwide are learning healing and energy techniques without sufficient knowledge of how to protect their own aura, as this is rarely taught. This blog aims to open discussion on these and related topics...